New Works and Upcoming Expos :D

Hello everyone!! ^_^

I've been super busy drawing new animals and prepping for upcoming Reptile and Pet Expos ^_^ I'm super excited to be taking my work and career to the next level!!

Here some upcoming Shows you can find me at!! :)


Commissioned Tattoo Design, featuring Triton the Crestie on some dandelions for Ann :)


I also started a North American Pit Viper Series to help raise awareness and educate the public on the warning signs venomous snakes give, and to enlighten them with the facts that All snakes play valuable roles in our ecosystems :) These Illustrations took weeks to complete :o I have plans to tie them all together soon :)

Timber Rattlesnake





Western Diamondback Rattlesnake




Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake


Thank you so much for reading this and appreciating my Arts!! ^_^ <3

All of my works can also be found on my site : or :)


Everything I make is handmade ^_^ <3


Reptile Expos and more :)

I'm so honored I won the Editor's Choice in the The Reptile Repor Artist of the Year :)  A BIG Thank you to everyone to continues to support and appreciate my work!! ^_^ <3 <3


I was at the Hamburg Reptile Expo this Saturday :D Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to say Hi or purchase some of my work!! :) Next Reptile Expo I will be at is the Long Island Reptile Expo March 15th :D

I'm working on creating more Daily Creatures :)  More Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Mammals, Fish and Invertebrates are in the works :D

Christmas Daily Creature Illustrations ^_^

I have been working on some Christmas Daily Creature Illustrations!! ^_^
This will be the last week for new Christmas Designs :) I might make 3 more :)

I made some Christmas ornaments :D They are made with re purposed tree cookies from dead or damaged trees :)

Christmas Tokay :3

Santa Chameleon :D


Christmas Cards ^_^

Christmas Leopard Gecko :)

Christmas Stickers and magnets  :3

Christmas Gift Tags ^_^

You can see more of my work at :

And you can purchase my work on my Etsy Shop :) :

:D Hope every has an awesome week!! ^_^ <3

New Daily Creatures, items and more :)

Hello everyone!! :)

I've been a bit caught up with some stuff and had not had the chance to update my blog :)
Some good news!! I've created a bunch of Daily Creatures since!! I've been working on Illustrating more animals, all types of animals, and morphs!! :D


I have bunch of new Daily creatures, you can see them all on my FB Art page if you like :)

This year's Thanksgiving Day Illustration :D


Gonna get back to working on some arts, but I promise to try to keep up with my blog more ^_^

I hope everyone has an Awesome Weekend!! :D <3

You can find my work can be found on my My Shop  :)


New Zombies Reptiles, umcomping Reptile Expos!! :)

Hello everyone!! :)

I've been really busy creatuing new Daily Creatures. I'm currently working on creating more Zombie Reptile designs!! :) so far I have 2 new designs complete and more are in the works! Here are my recent Daily Creatures :D

I want to Thank my awesome friends Andy and Danny from Urban Jungles Radio for featuring my work at their table this weekend at the Canadian Reptile Breeders' Expo!! :)

this was all that was left

I was soo Happy!!!! ^_^

Ohh and more Great news!!! They will be featuring my work at the

North American Reptile Breeders Conference at Tinley Park!!!

I am soo happy they are featuring my work there!! It is on my goal list to one day be able to afford to travel and vend at Tinley!! :)

Here is my Buddy Krishna helping out with sticker organizing :D


   Shirt Design I made for USARK :D


Shirt Design I made for USARK :D

Zombie Tokay Gecko :D

Mantis Shrimp Daily Creature :D



Macaw Daily Creature :D

Zombie Gargoyle Gecko :D


Sea Turtle :D


Veiled Chameleon :D

African Elephant :D

Surinam Horned Frog :D

Thank you to everyone who continues to appreciate and support my work :) <3

I hope everyone has a Great week!! :D
You can find my work can be found on my My Shop  :)

New Daily Creatures , Zombies Dailys and more :)

Hello everyone!! :) I haven't been active lately but I'm catching up with a few things :) I'm working on some new Halloween/ Zombie themed Daily Creatures :D You can find these as stickers, decals and magnets on my Etsy Shop. I'm really excited about some new paintings  I have in the works. Original Conjoined Creatures are part of my new series, they are being painted on re purposed wood.  Wood salvaged from dead trees in NYC (I live in NYC)  :) I will be posting pics of those very soon!!


I hope everyone has a Great week!! :D
You can find my work can be found on my My Shop  :)