New Zombies Reptiles, umcomping Reptile Expos!! :)

Hello everyone!! :)

I've been really busy creatuing new Daily Creatures. I'm currently working on creating more Zombie Reptile designs!! :) so far I have 2 new designs complete and more are in the works! Here are my recent Daily Creatures :D

I want to Thank my awesome friends Andy and Danny from Urban Jungles Radio for featuring my work at their table this weekend at the Canadian Reptile Breeders' Expo!! :)

this was all that was left

I was soo Happy!!!! ^_^

Ohh and more Great news!!! They will be featuring my work at the

North American Reptile Breeders Conference at Tinley Park!!!

I am soo happy they are featuring my work there!! It is on my goal list to one day be able to afford to travel and vend at Tinley!! :)

Here is my Buddy Krishna helping out with sticker organizing :D


   Shirt Design I made for USARK :D


Shirt Design I made for USARK :D

Zombie Tokay Gecko :D

Mantis Shrimp Daily Creature :D



Macaw Daily Creature :D

Zombie Gargoyle Gecko :D


Sea Turtle :D


Veiled Chameleon :D

African Elephant :D

Surinam Horned Frog :D

Thank you to everyone who continues to appreciate and support my work :) <3

I hope everyone has a Great week!! :D
You can find my work can be found on my My Shop  :)